Learn The Human Needs that Control ALL Buying Decisions and How You Can Effectively Leverage Them For More Sales and Sign-ups  For Your Business...

Imagine knowing exactly what to say and what to do when you interact with your prospects!
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Having been in sales & marketing for too many years to remember, it's not often that an e-book comes along that makes me think long and hard about how we marketers, try and engage with people. Most of the stuff we produce is all about 'features' & 'benefits', finding the customer's 'pain', and then showing how we can fix that 'pain'! This e-book from Robert Laanstra is all about understanding a person's needs, which will then help change our communications approach. Having read this, I will change how I communicate with people. Great e-book, read it, understand it and change your marketing approach!  - Mark Chung | Lancashire Marketing Solutions -